The ferry service is now closed for the winter and resumes 1st April 2022. Please see the Timetables tab for 2022 times.








21  Start of ferry service




16-25 Appledore Book Festival


31  Last day of ferry service













Frequently Asked Questions


Are pushchairs allowed on the ferry?
Yes, but you may be asked to fold it.
Can you take wheelchairs?

Only if they can be folded and if the person using the wheelchair is physically able to walk up or down steep, uneven steps and step onto an unsteady boat from the Instow Quay or Appledore Slip.  For the above reasons we would not recommend travelling on this ferry if your movement is restricted or your balance is poor.  Sorry.

Do you cater for school parties?

Yes.  We make special arrangements for school parties which include the fitting of life jackets to all children before they board.  For more information please Contact Us.

Can I just stay on the ferry and have a trip across the river without getting off ?

Yes, but only if we don't have a boat load of passengers at the other side waiting to get on.

Do you cater for stag and hen parties or special party occasions?

Yes we can, but it is better if we are warned in advance and we will not carry anyone who is intoxicated or acting in a manner which would offend other passengers or the crew.

Does the ferry run all year?

No, we are limited by the licensing requirements which allow us to run between 1 April and 31 October each year.

Why don't you run for longer during the day?

Because we can only access the steps at Instow at limited times either side of high tide.

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